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    FY24 Public Works Program Donation

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      FY24 Public Works Program Donation


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      Your donation will help NCTCOG’s Regional Public Works Program achieve its mission to

      •            Provide a forum for exchanging ideas and initiating regional actions,

      •            Pool financial and intellectual resources to address specific common needs,

      •            Establish uniform standards which produce better products at lower costs, and

      •            Develop the public works profession in North Central Texas.

      Please note that donations are available to the private sector, as well as industry and professional organizations and other nonprofits. Local government agencies (cities, counties, special districts) are provided invoices with pre-identified cost share amounts to support this voluntary program. For more information about the Regional Public Works Program, visit www.nctcog.org/envir/public-works/public-works-program or contact Jason Heflin at jheflin@nctcog.org.